Crate Location

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Where should I place my dog´s crate?

Crate Location

When crate training it's a good idea to remember that, although every dog needs his own space, canines are pack animals. Because of this they have an instinctual desire to be near the other members of their family. Accordingly, you might want to purchase more than one crate or kennel -- appraise your lifestyle and remember wherever you spend a good deal of time, you'll need a crate there for your dog as well.

It's a good idea to place the dog crate in a bedroom where your puppy can be near a family member when sleeping at night. It will make crate training less stressful to your puppy if he knows he is not alone at night. You'll also be able to know if your puppy needs to go out at night.



1/29/2007 7:04:23 PM
problemdogowner said:

This is o.k. for a very young pup. But, once it can sleep the night through, it should be moved to another location. Having an older dog's crate in the bedroom, can very well lead to dominace issuse with some dogs.


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