Road Trip Boredom

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How can I help my dog through the boredom of travel?

Road Trip Boredom

If you’re heading out for a long road trip, there are many steps you can take to keep your dog comfortable and happy along the way. If he’s not content with watching the world go by, keep a few of his favorite items in the car to help him pass the time. Bring some toys for him to chew on, as long as they won’t distract you or make a mess in your car. Don’t forget a blanket in case he wants to snuggle up and sleep. Try to stop every couple of hours so you can stretch your legs and his, as well as give him a chance to eat and drink. Look up dog parks along your route, especially if you’re staying in a hotel. He’ll get some interaction with other dogs while he’s burning off some energy. Bring a ball or Frisbee to toss, and he’ll be much quieter and calmer when you check into your hotel for the night.



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