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Question 1

What does dog in the manger mean?

a pointlessly selfish person
a comfortably resting canine
a cattle and sheep dog
a gloomy woman
The Dog in the Manger is one of Aesop´s fables, <br> in which a dog sleeps in the manger or food tray <br> of an ox and prevents the ox from getting <br> to its food. Even when, of course, the dog <br> has no interest in eating hay itself. Click here <br> for a big listing of Aesop´s fables <a href=""> including this one.

Question 2

What does dog and pony show mean?

A children´s circus
A petting zoo
A Broadway musical
Hyped up presentation
This phrase means an elaborate advertising, <br> sales or promotional presentation. It comes from the <br> idea of bringing the flash and dazzle of circus <br> animal acts to a business presentation.

Question 3

What about the phrase dog-eat-dog?

Very unfriendly
Tired and hungry
Ruthlessly competitive
This phrase, for a person or society, suggests <br> a willingness to do anything to succeed or get <br> what you want.

Question 4

What does dog tired mean?

Having sore feet
Wide awake
Working dogs in the past did all manner of labor <br> from hunting to herding to hauling and more. Work <br> like a dog and dog tired likely both come from <br> an era when dogs truly were laborers, very, very tired <br> when their work was done.

Question 5

What about the phrase go to the dogs?

Visit a breeding kennel
Go to ruin or moral decay
Go to a dog show
Go clothes shopping
Like it or not, the word dog can be applied to <br> things of poor quality, crude or ugly, so going <br> to the dogs means leaving behind things that are <br> refined, of high quality and beauty, or morally sound.

Question 6

What about living a dog´s life?

Being pampered
Living in the country
Being well exercised
Being unkindly treated
Sadly, dogs have often been mistreated throughout <br> history, so the term living a dog´s life means <br> having a miserable life or harassed existence. <br> Today, many of us might think of a dog´s life as <br> being pampered, given the special foods, toys and <br> equipment made to make our dogs´ lives more <br> comfortable.

Question 7

What do you do when you put on the dog?

Wear a fur coat
Grasp a dog´s leash
Show off one´s wealth
Wear fur-lined boots
Just when you thought a dog was a failure, a flop <br> or something ugly, we turn around in American slang <br> and use putting on the dog to mean ostentatiously <br> displaying one´s wealth, culture or elegance, or <br> generally putting on airs. Guess dogs are pretty <br> valuable after all!

Question 8

What does the term lucky dog mean?

A type of ale
An overweight canine
A fortunate person
A show dog
Often heard as "You lucky dog," this phrase can <br> also mean "favorite of the gods" or "spoiled child <br> of fortune." It suggests one has a happy state of <br> existence gained by fate or good fortune, not <br> hard work.

Question 9

What does on her dogs mean?

Standing on her feet
Resting on her elbows
On her kitchen counter
Lying in her bed
For some reason, the word dog became equated <br> with the word foot, so a woman might well be tired <br> from standing on her dogs all day.

Question 10

What are dog days?

Snowy winter days
Cherry blossom time
Hot summer days
The week of Halloween
The dog days are the hot summer days, originally <br> thought of as the time when Sirius the Dog Star <br> and the Sun rise together. This period is now <br> considered to be July 3 to August 11. In this <br> phrase as with the other nine, we can see how <br> important dogs are in our culture -- and our language.

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