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What does it mean when a dog drag his/her bottom?

Why Do Dogs Drag Their Bottoms?

This is a very common question for dog owners. When dogs drag their bottoms on the carpet or outside on the grass, it means that their anal glands are bothering them. The anal sacks are located just inside the dog's rectum. Their purpose is to "mark" their territory with the dog's own special scent.

However, when the anal glands are too full (similiar to what a human feels when constipated), dogs will try to empty them by dragging his/her bottom. Unless dogs drain their anal glands, it causes them pressure and pain.

Part of any dog's yearly check-up with the veterinarian should include emptying his anal glands. In fact, veterinarians can teach dog owners how to do this themselves. Many groomers do this as a part of their grooming routine as well - ask your groomer to do it at their next bathing session. It's very easy and will be a great relief to your dog.

How can I teach a puppy not to bite or nip?

Stop Puppy from Chewing & Biting

To discourage your puppy from biting, there are several things you can do:

1. Refrain from any dominance type games like tug of war, chase, or wrestling.

2. Withhold your attention if your puppy tries to nip. If she continues, let out an "Ow! Ow!" and then go about your business.

3. If your pooch is especially persistent with her teeth, leave her on a leash. When she attempts to bite, redirect her attention with the lead.

How can I stop my Chihuahua from attacking other dogs?

Dog Attacking Chihuahua

Chihuahuas can be excitable and fearful, causing them to become aggressive.

In order to alleviate your dog's aggression, try socializing your dog in a non-threatening situation with other dogs as often as possible. Establish yourself as the pack leader and be firm with your dog. Chihuahuas can be stubborn, but you need to correct your dog at the first sign of each instance of aggressiveness toward another canine.

If you feel you need additional assistance, contact a professional trainer or animal behaviorist who can provide you with additional guidance.

How do I stop my dog from biting my father when he controls him?

Stop the Dog Biting

When a dog growls, he is issuing a warning. He's saying, "Take heed or I will bite." When that warning is not heeded, the dog will then takes action and bites.

In order to remedy the situation you need to first determine the cause of your dog's aggressiveness. Dogs bite for various reasons. The seven most common reasons include fear, food possession, maternal possession, show of dominance, re-directed aggression, pain-induced aggression, and pestering. Once you've determined the cause, see if you can remove the stimulus that causes the biting. If at any time, you feel your canine is out of hand, you should immediately consult an experienced trainer or behavior specialist.

How can I deal with my dog who loves to dig up my yard?

Digging Solutions

If you find your pooch is digging up your yard, consider giving him a designated "dig area." Then make sure you keep the rest of your yard off limits. If he's got some place to burn energy and an outlet for his natural tendency to dig, he's less likely to ruin your yard.

Also make sure make sure your canine gets lots of exercise and attention, and has items to chew, as digging can be a sign of boredom.

What should a do with a dog barking to much due to loneliness?

Loneliness and Barking

Some dogs bark excessively when they're bored or lonely, especially if they are left alone for a long time. A change in your dog's environment, the addition of new toys or chew items, or changes in routine can be helpful in minimizing the barking behavior. Increasing the amount of exercise and owner attention the dog gets may also prove helpful. If possible, consider enrolling your dog in a playgroup during the day if you must be away during the week.

How can I reduce my dog´s boredom when alone?

Home Alone Boredom

If your dog is prone to destructive behavior around the house when you're not around, there are some steps you can take to get him to become a well-mannered pooch:

1. When you are home, make sure that you do spend time interacting with your dog.
2. When you can, take your dog out of the house for a change of pace and exercise. He may enjoy walks or heading out on errands with you.
3. When you're not around, leave some doggy treats around the house for your dog to find.
4. If no one is home, leave the television or radio on. The sounds of a human voice will help reduce the monotony and loneliness.

Can I prevent my dog from ever becoming a biter?

Raise a Bite Free Dog

All dogs have the potential to bite. Whether or not they will can depend on how you, the owner, raise and handle your canine. Dogs bite when they are afraid. They bite when they are in pain. And they bite out of a show of dominance. Proper socialization and training should be sufficient to keep most dogs from biting. Keep them away from stressful situations, raise them with affection, avoid playing dominance type games like tug of war, and you should have a well-mannered companion who will never bare his teeth in a show of aggression.

How can I stop my dog from lunging at other dogs on walks?

Tight Leash Trouble

Dogs that would normally be friendly can become aggressive once on a leash. This is due to a heightened territorial sense. As tension on the lead increases so does the emotional tension felt by your dog and the chance of an aggressive encounter. Owners can avoid adding to the problem by training a reliable heel or even sit/stay & using the command when approaching dogs, people, or other animals on walks.

In addition, it always helps to socialize your dog around canines as often as possible, both on leash and off.

Can a dog be allowed to do any of its natural behavior like digging?

Manage Natural
Dog Behavior

Dogs will be dogs, and they'll be happier if you give them an outlet for some aspects their natural behavior such as chewing. If your dog is chewing inappropriate things around the house, correct him immediately with a sharp, "No!" and provide him with an alternative such as a chew toy.

How can I stop my dog’s incessant barking?

Barking Incessantly

A key to solving many dog problems is to teach the dog an alternative behavior to replace the inappropriate behavior. This idea can be used to curb excessive barking.

One of those alternative behaviors is to teach your pooch to "come, sit and pay attention to you, the owner". Start by rewarding your dog for switching gears and engaging in the alternate behavior. Eventually, you can reward him with affection. The next step is to reward your dog only when he stops barking, comes, sits and looks attentively at you without barking for a period of time. Soon, you'll be well on your way to a quieter household.

My gentle 8-year-old dog is suddenly aggressive to other dogs - Help!

Sudden Aggression

If your normally gentle pooch suddenly exhibits aggression towards other dogs, don't automatically call a trainer. Veterinarians suggest that you rule out all medical causes of aggression first since these are often culprits. Dogs in pain can exhibit aggressive behavior; dog joint pain, problems with teeth, and changes in eyesight are all common causes. More severe causes can stem from brain injury or changes in brain chemicals, conditions that are often manageable with medication.

Many times it is relatively simple things to discover and modify - look for the triggers that cause this and then remove them. It requires you to become somewhat of a detective, but unaddressed aggression can escalate to bites and harm to all involved, both human and canine.

How do I teach a pup not to bite people?

What's With the Biting?

Biting, mouthing and nipping are natural behaviors to a puppy. She uses such behaviors to establish her place in the litter and to explore her world. To stop your young canine from nipping people, use a high-pitched, "Ouch!" and gently shake the ruff of her neck or use light pressure on the muzzle and firmly say, "No!"

Why does a dog need exercise?

Active Dogs are Happy Dogs

Exercise serves to keep your dog physically fit and mentally well. Give your pooch playtime with you in the backyard or a walk in the neighborhood for exercise. She'll get improved muscle tone, better flexibility, work the cardiovascular system, and release endorphins to contribute to a happy state.

Different breeds of dogs need different amounts of exercise. Your average Toy Poodle may just need a brisk walk around a few blocks while a Boxer would need a much more vigorous routine.

Can I use a time-out for a dog that misbehaves?

Doggy Time Outs?

Dogs, contrary to popular belief, are not little people in fur coats. They deal with issues in immediacy. Your dog may not understand why you are giving him a time out, thereby defeating the purpose of using one. If you are trying to reprimand your pooch for misbehaving, you should address the situation immediately by your tone of voice and redirect his behavior to an appropriate one. For instance, if he is chewing on your favorite slippers, tell him sharply, "No!" Remove your slippers and then substitute with an appropriate toy.

How can I make sure my dog stays in its kennel run?

Kennel Roof to Curb Escape

Don't be fooled into thinking that a tall kennel fence is enough to keep your dog in all the time. Some breeds of dogs can climb fences in order to make their escape. Secure the top of a kennel run with a kennel roof to keep the area cooler, drier, and help keep your dog at home.

Also consider why your dog may be escaping. Is she bored or lonely? See that she associates her kennel with a safe, comfortable environment. Always make sure to spend plenty of time bonding with your dog and provide her with exercise outside of her kennel.

How can I reduce my dog´s boredom when alone?

Assess Barking Problems First

Most dogs bark occasionally, but if yours barks too much or too often, you need to determine why and then work on reducing the vocalization. Observe your canine to see when he barks. Is it largely when the family is gone and the dog may be lonely? Is it when people or animals approach your property and the dog is alerting you? Or is it during play? Once you've determined the source, try to remove the cause of the barking problem. Reward your dog with an extra dose of affection or when he is not barking. Address him swiftly when he does bark, by issuing a sharp "No!" and then move on.

Why do dogs like to roam?

Spaying and Neutering Reduces Roaming

Some male dogs may have a tendency to roam to mark their territory around the neighborhood. Other dogs simply wander due to boredom. Spaying and neutering reduces the drive for dogs of both sexes to become wandering nuisances. Other benefits of spaying and neutering dogs include protective health benefits, reducing aggressiveness, eliminating unwanted pregnancies, and reducing the need to mark.

Where can I let my dog run loose?

Dog Parks for Exercise

Many communities have worked with their town or city to establish official dog parks where dogs are allowed off leash to run free. They are generally fenced for safety and often supply drinking water and poop bags to dispose of your dog's waste. You'll sometimes find parks specifically for small breeds and parks specifically for larger breeds. Check for dog parks in your area, or join other dog lovers in starting one.

Need a new solution to stop your dog from chewing everything?

Solution for Chewing Problems

Do you have a problem chewer? Are your extension cords, shoes, and furniture fair game for your pooch? Try bitter apple spray. This product is available at most pet stores and is safe to use to deter your pet from chewing an object. It also will not harm the finish on real wood products.

How can my neighbor stop his dog´s incessant barking?

Bark Curbing Device

Having trouble with your barking dog? Try an anti-bark collar. The anti-bark collar is safe for your pet, unlike some collars that use electric shocks. Companies claim electric shocks are not harmful or painful, but why not find a safer and humane alternative with an anti-bark collar?

There are two types of anti-bark collars - one emits a high-frequency sound that pulses in response to a dog's bark. But the sounds from the anti-bark collar are not audible to human ears. The second (and most popular) is a citronella anti-bark collar. Fastened around the dog's neck in training situations, the sound of the dog's bark triggers a shot of citronella to be squirted out beneath his snout... and dogs don't like the smell at all!

Most important, these anti-bark training collars are safe for pets. No shocks and no pain for your dog. The anti-bark collar is sensitive enough to hear nuisance barks. The anti-bark collar sends its pulse out around the neighborhood. Dogs will hear or smell the effects of their barking, and it triggers a learned behavior in the dog - I bark, I smell or hear... YUCK!

How can I prevent dog fights over food?

Food Fighting

In a household, fights may break out between dogs over mealtime. One way to prevent dogs from fighting over food is to feed each dog in a designated separate area every time. This way they have their own protected space, reducing squabbles. Occasionally, you may be able to feed dogs in the same area if you give food to the alpha dog in the household and then feed the less dominant dog.

What if I can´t control my dog?

Use a Dog Behaviorist

If you have exhausted your own options in correcting your canine's behavior, then consider using a canine behavior specialist. This person has been trained specifically to learn the psychology of animal behavior and has concentrated his work on dogs. To find a reputable behaviorist, check with your local veterinarian or animal shelter for a recommendation. The Animal Behavior Society certifies Applied Animal Behaviorists. Some of the board certified professionals specialize in dogs.

How can I stop a neighbor´s dogs jumping our fence into our yard?

My Neighbor's Dogs Jump our Fence

If your neighbor's dogs have been jumping your fence into your yard, the best way to resolve the problem is through a discussion with your neighbor. Approach him in a non-confrontational manner to resolve the issue. Some possible solutions include requesting he keep his dogs indoors when he is not at home, agreeing to raise the level of your shared fence, and offering education on preventing "escape artist" canines. If your neighbor repeatedly refuses to mediate a solution, you can try contacting your local humane society to see what options are available to you.

How should I handle pushy loose dogs when walking mine?

Handling Aggressive Loose Dogs

You're walking your dog on a leash and you are approached for the third time this week by the same dog on the loose who's confrontational and growling. So what do you do?

[1] Understand your rights. Many communities have laws against dogs running loose or off leash outside their own property. Many laws also have vicious dog laws for dealing with dogs that attack and bite.

[2] Try the people-to-people solution first. Identify where the aggressive dog lives and talk with the owner. Most reasonable people will try to work with you on a solution if they are approached in a non-confrontational manner.

[3] Learn more about dog behavior and body language. Read about aggressiveness in dogs so you know when dogs are posturing and when they are signaling an intent to fight.

[4] Consider what you want to carry, just in case. Pepper spray or other spray such as vinegar and water in some type of sprayer with good distance can be effective in deterring an aggressive dog.

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