Dog Parks for Exercise

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Where can I let my dog run loose?

Dog Parks for Exercise

Many communities have worked with their town or city to establish official dog parks where dogs are allowed off leash to run free. They are generally fenced for safety and often supply drinking water and poop bags to dispose of your dog's waste. You'll sometimes find parks specifically for small breeds and parks specifically for larger breeds. Check for dog parks in your area, or join other dog lovers in starting one.



12/4/2007 6:15:26 PM
krissy said:

I have a great dane who is 12 months old . Our city Dog park doesn't have specifics for small breed and or large breeds . I have run into the problem of taking my dane to the dog park and having people with small dogs bite him and then I get yelled at for not taking care of my dog because he was pawing at the small dog . How do I and my dane deal with this problem ? Any comments would be so helpful thanks
krissy from Olathe Kansas


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