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How old should a pup be when I bring it home?

Old Enough to Go Home

If you are purchasing a purebred puppy from a breeder, you should purchase a puppy that is between eight to twelve weeks old. A puppy should not be separated from her mother before eight weeks of age. If you are adopting a canine from an animal shelter or rescue group, any age you are comfortable with should be fine.

What genetic diseases should I ask about when buying a puppy?

Evaluate the Breeder

When trying to decide on which breeder to purchase your canine companion from, there are several things that you should look for.

1. Find a breeder who is willing to let you visit them. Check to make sure that the puppy is being raised in a clean, healthy environment.

2. Find a breeder who is as interested in you as you are in them. A good breeder will ask you questions to find out if her puppies are going to a good home.

3. Find a breeder who is willing to provide you with a written contract, outlining the terms of your new puppy purchase.

4. Find a breeder who is informed. Your breeder should be knowledgeable about her chosen breed of dog. She should also be able to give you basic instructions on the care, feeding, and training of your new puppy.

When do a puppy´s eyes first open?

The Eyes and Ears

A puppy's eyes and ears are sealed when they are born. Generally the eyes and ears begin to open between 10-15 days after birth, when the puppy begins to stand. If your puppy's eyes appear unhealthy and still remain closed after 17 days consult your veterinarian.

Is it okay to give a puppy as a gift?

Surprise Gift?

You should never give a puppy as a surprise gift to a friend or family member. Although this is a very well intentioned present, the receiver may not want to take on the responsibility of a new dog or may not want the dog that you specifically picked out. Your gift may either become a neglected pooch or a dog at an animal shelter. One better alternative might be to present an I.O.U certificate for a future puppy purchase.

Can you suggest ideas to help select a good working dog?

Aptitude Test

In order to find a good working dog, you need to test for certain aspects of a puppy's personality. Check to see if a puppy is dominant or submissive by placing him on his back. If he fights, he is dominant. You generally do not want to pick a dog that is overly dominant, as they are not as trainable. Try testing the dog's retrieving instinct by tossing a ball or crumpled paper. He should show some interest in interacting. Also play with the dog and then walking away. Whether he follows you can be an indication of his pack drive. You don't want a dog that needs to be too independent.

What questions should I ask a puppy´s breeder?

Ask the Breeder Questions

You should always ask a few questions to make sure you're dealing with a conscientious breeder.

1.Ask the breeder for a history on the sire and dam of the puppy. Reputable breeders will screen the breeding pair for any genetic deficiencies.

2. Has the puppy had a veterinary examination and is she current on all her shots?

3. Where does the puppy spend its time during the day and is she being socialized?

4. Does the breeder have references of previous dog owners and is she willing to provide them to you?

What does a new pup need?

A New Addition - It's a Commitment

Making the decision to add a dog into your home is a big one. Before you commit, make sure that you will have enough time to dedicate to its training and upbringing. Puppies need to be fed multiple times during a day and let out of the house several times for potty breaks. In addition, they need lots of love and attention for proper socialization. Also consider that puppies cost money. You'll need to take your young canine for vaccinations and annual exams as well. Puppies are a big commitment, but having a canine companion is well worth the time and effort.

Why are pet shop dogs not the best idea?

Pet Shop Dogs

Most pet shops obtain their puppies from puppy mills. Unfortunately, puppy mills breed dogs purely for the sake of profit without regard to the health or socialization of the dog. These dogs often come with health problems and potential behavior issues. If you are looking for a purebred puppy it is always advisable to go to a reputable breeder who has carefully screened the parents for any genetic or health issues before breeding. The rule of thumb is that if you yourself cannot view the parents of any puppy, you are buying from either a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Without being able to personally view the temperaments of the mother and father, you have little guarantee of a loving, well socialized and mannered canine member of your family.

What if a breeder says the kennel does not have a return policy?

Purchasing a Puppy

If the breeder that you are considering does not have a return policy, then consider purchasing your pooch elsewhere. Although it may be easy to fall in love with a puppy that you see, most reputable breeders allow you to return the dog if at any time, you cannot care for her or if the relationship for some reason does not work out.

What is the earliest I can let my dog have puppies?

Best Age to Breed

If you are interested in breeding your dog, it is best to wait until she is physically and mentally mature before she has her first litter. Generally, a bitch may be ready between two and three years of age. This age varies with the breed of the dog. Toy dogs tend to be mature before larger breeds. Check with your breed club to find out the appropriate breeding age for your dog. Always make sure to screen both your dog, the dam, and the male dog, the sire, for any potential health problems.

Do private breeders supply pet stores?

Puppy Mills

A puppy mill is a business which breeds large quantities of dogs for the sake of profit. They have earned an unsavory reputation due to their inhumane and unethical way of handling dog breeding. Puppy mills do not screen their dogs for genetic deficiencies and will breed dogs with health problems. They often have multiple rows of caged dogs crammed in tight quarters. These dogs have very little to no socialization whatsoever. Unfortunately, a large number of pet shops obtain their puppies from these mills.

Which puppy should I choose from the litter?

Pick Of The Litter

If you have the opportunity to take your pick from a litter of puppies, take some time to observe and interact with the puppy to insure you get the best dog for you, your family and your lifestyle. If you just want a dog for companion purposes, then your main concerns are that the dog is healthy and that he's got the personality that you're looking for. See how the puppy interacts with his littermates to get an idea of what kind of dog he might be. Spend some one-on-one time interacting with the dog's parents as well for that will give you some clues to how your puppy will develop as an adult down the road as he grows.

How can I get a feel for the likely temperament of my new puppy?

Judging Temperament

When purchasing a puppy, always ask to see the dam, the sire if possible, and the litter. This will give you some insights on the temperament of the puppy's parents and siblings. In addition, you should always spend some one on one time with the puppy. Try playing with him and you'll be able to observe aspects of his personality.

Should I see the whole litter of pups when picking a new dog?

Pick of the Litter

It may be helpful to see the entire litter of puppies when picking one out. You can get an idea of how they interact with their siblings and whether they might be more dominant or submissive. However, most important is your interaction with the puppy. Do you like his personality and does he seem healthy and alert?

Where can i find a chocolae labrador male stud to breed with?

Breeding Your Purebred Dog

If you have made the investment in a purebred female dog, you may be considering breeding her to continue the lineage and/or profit. To find the a male stud of good breeding, start with a source that offers advice you can trust. The American Kennel Club has been promoting purebred dogs and breeding since 1884. The organization's mission is to "advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership." While they do not recommend specific breeders, they do provide links and resources on breeding. Be aware that the AKC does NOT guarantee the health of any dog - only the lineage of record. Do your homework there first, and your ultimate choice with be a more informed one.

How do I find a breeder in my area?

Contacting a Breeder

In order to find a breeder in your area, try the local breed club organization for the breed that you are interested in. They can give you contacts for a reputable breeder near you. Most clubs have guidelines that breeders must abide by in order to raise healthy, happy, purebred dogs. Another way to find a good breeder is by attending a local dog show. This will give you the opportunity to see the dogs first hand. You can approach the handler or owner to find out information on who the breeder is.

What questions should I ask before buying or adoptiing a dog?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before buying a puppy or adopting an adult dog, ask yourself these important questions:

1. How much time can I spend with my dog, a social creature who craves companionship?
2. How much exercise can I give my dog? I should consider a breed suitable to my lifestyle.
3. How much grooming can I do? If I have little time, I should consider a dog that sheds little and needs little grooming care.
4. How much training can I give? If I have limited time, I should choose a breed known for ease of training.

What is dog showing?

Showing Purebred Dogs

Showing a purebred dog in the conformation ring is a way to have a dog judged against the criteria for her breed's standard. Judges will give points to dogs that meet the criteria of the breed standard based on build, gait, markings, and temperament. A competing dog can accumulate points until she becomes a champion. Well-built dogs with outgoing personalities and a winning "ring presence" are most likely to be successful in the show ring.

Can two solid colored poodles produce spotted puppies?

Spotted Puppies

It is possible for two solid colored poodles to produce spotted offspring, though not as likely. Here's how is works. A dog with solid coloring can carry either a dominant gene for solid color (SS) or the recessive trait for spotting (Ss). If both parents are solid colored and carry only the dominant color gene (SS), mating them would never result in a litter of spotted puppies. Both the solid colored male and female must carry the recessive spotted genes (Ss) in order to produce spotted pups.

Should I buy the runt or smallest puppy in a litter?

Runt of the Litter

Whether you decide to buy the runt of the litter will depend on whether you are simply buying the smallest puppy or an unhealthy one. Unless you are purchasing a dog for show or for a competitive sport there is no reason why you need to select the most exceptional puppy in the litter. If you have any concerns, check to make sure that the breeder will allow you to bring the puppy for a full health check-up with your local veterinarian.

How can I tell if a puppy is healthy?

Pick a Quality Pup

One way to ensure that you are getting a healthy puppy is to start your search with a reputable breeder. It is important that you obtain your puppy from someone who screens for any hereditary problems. Additionally, most reputable breeders will allow you to take the puppy for a veterinarian check before finalizing the purchase. The next step is to interact with the puppy. Check to make sure that he is fairly active and alert. Check his gait to make sure that he does not have any limping when he walks. His eyes should be bright and clear and his nose should not be runny.

Are pet stores a good place to purchase a dog?

The Pet Store Purchase

When people decide that they want to purchase a puppy, they often head straight to the nearest pet store. Unfortunately, most pet stores do not obtain their dogs from reputable breeders. Instead, they obtain them from puppy mills, which churn out large quantities of dogs purely for profit. The problem with this is that many dogs have genetic problems because the puppy mills do not screen for health when breeding. Many of these dogs are also kept in unsanitary and cramped conditions, which are grounds for spreading unwanted illnesses.

Is the breeder of my dog a good source of information?

Out of State Breeder

If possible, you should always obtain your puppy from a breeder in an area local to you. With most breeds, there are enough breeders that you should not have trouble locating someone nearby. There are breeders who will fly their puppies out to you. However, the flight can be stressful and hard on young puppy. In addition, you may not have the opportunity to see your dog beforehand and view the breeder's premises.

Are pet store puppies healthy?

Avoiding pet stores

Due to the fact that pet store puppies come indirectly from puppy mills, genetic problems can be prevalent.

How can I find the pup that is the pick of the litter?

Pick of the Litter

So you're heading out to the pick out the next champion show dog from the litter. How do you know which one to pick? When you're looking for a show prospect, you have a lot to consider. First, decide if you want a male dog or a bitch puppy. Then, consider the coloring, markings, and structure of the puppy. Discuss each puppy with the breeder to get some insight into evaluating which puppy would be most ideal. If you can, wait until the puppy is at least eight weeks of age to make your selection so that you can get a better idea of its potential. Also look at the puppy's temperament since this will be important once your dog is in the show ring. Choose the puppy that has a self assured quality, representative of its breed.

How can I choose an outstanding show puppy?

Show Me

If you've got a show prospect puppy and you want to enter her in the show ring, enroll her in some conformation classes to get her started. She'll learn how to walk on a show lead, proper stance, and gait. She'll get accustomed to being handled by judges and should have an even temperament. If you have a canine that requires grooming, you'll also have to get learn how to handle sprucing up your dog's coat for the ring.

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