Pick of the Litter

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Should I see the whole litter of pups when picking a new dog?

Pick of the Litter

It may be helpful to see the entire litter of puppies when picking one out. You can get an idea of how they interact with their siblings and whether they might be more dominant or submissive. However, most important is your interaction with the puppy. Do you like his personality and does he seem healthy and alert?



8/29/2009 1:02:58 AM
shihtzuattitude said:

Responsible breeders very very rarely let pet puppy buyers take "pick of the litter". Breeding is most commonly done to advance the breeders line for showing their dog (conformation shows) or at least, for the breeder to pick what THEY evaluate as the best to keep to improve their breeding stock. Most responsible breeders have already evaluated their puppies, and will ask the new pet client a lot about their lifestyle and family - then the BREEDER will match them with a puppy that would best fit their lifestyle. Everyone (especially the puppy) benefits!


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