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Where should I place my dog´s crate?

Crate Location

When crate training it's a good idea to remember that, although every dog needs his own space, canines are pack animals. Because of this they have an instinctual desire to be near the other members of their family. Accordingly, you might want to purchase more than one crate or kennel -- appraise your lifestyle and remember wherever you spend a good deal of time, you'll need a crate there for your dog as well.

It's a good idea to place the dog crate in a bedroom where your puppy can be near a family member when sleeping at night. It will make crate training less stressful to your puppy if he knows he is not alone at night. You'll also be able to know if your puppy needs to go out at night.

What size crate should I buy for my puppy?

Crate Selection

Rather than buying several crates of different sizes to use as your puppy grows up, buy a crate based on his expected full grown size, then section off part of the crate for your puppy. There are commercial dividers available for some crates to make sectioning off an area easier. You want to have enough room for the puppy to stand, stretch, turn around, and sleep, but not so much that he decides he can eliminate in one corner and sleep in another. A crate should be his den, not an area for soiling. If he is soiling in his crate or kennel, he is either a puppy mill puppy and didn't learn proper canine manners from his mother --- or the crate is too large for the dog.

What is a dog tent?

Dog Crates For The Active Dog

If you're a camper or hiker and you have a dog on the move, consider a lightweight, collapsible dog kennel that can be set up or taken down quickly. It's available as a nylon doggie tent or crate. Perfect for the outdoors or traveling in general, a good dog tent will allow any dog to enjoy all the comforts of home and satisfy the 'den desires' of all canines.

Is there a comfortable way to carry a puppy?

Puppy & Dog Soft-sided Carriers & Slings

If you have a toy sized puppy or dog, you might want to consider toting him around in a dog carrier. There are a wide variety of options available. You can choose from tote carriers, slings, pet pouches, and even canine strollers. If you decide to put your dog in a carrier, choose something that is suitable for his weight and well ventilated to keep him cool. Despite the fact it might look 'really cool' in its construction, remember to keep in mind the natural sitting or laying down posture of a dog. With repeative use in the wrong position, this can cause harm to a dog's spine and bone structure!

What kind of dog carriers are available for me?

Have Carrier, Will Travel

If you're looking for a carrier to transport your canine for travel, you have a number of options. You need to assess what type of dog you have and what type of travel you'll be doing. For mid-sized or larger breeds, your options are more limited. Hard sized carriers can be used, but must go in the cargo area of a plane. To lighten your load, consider getting a kennel cart for ease of transport.

For smaller breeds, you have a wide selection of dog carriers. Many products on the market allow you to take your dog practically everywhere. Backpack carriers are available for hiking and wheeled bags are available for flying.

For airplane travel, consider an airline regulation sized soft carrier. If your pet is small enough, she can ride with you in the cabin under the plane seat. Make sure she has enough room to stand comfortably if need be. If you need a crate to stow in the car and use for later, a collapsible crate may be the right answer. Or for day trips around town, many chic designer dog carriers are on the market as well. There is something for every dog owner out there, just know what you need before you buy!

What is a portable exercise pen for a dog?

Portable Exercise Pens For Your Dog

If you need an enclosed area for your puppy or small to mid-sized dog to romp, consider getting a portable exercise pen. They come in either metal or plastic in different heights to meet the needs of your dog. Some units are modular, allowing you to expand the size of the pen larger, if necessary. Portable pens are convenient because they are fairly easy to fold up and take with you. Most can be used indoors or outdoors.

An "Xpen" (shortened term used commonly for exercise pens) is a MUST for any dog or puppy, regardless of their age or size. It will contain the dog or puppy in emergency situations, limit the amount of damage they can do to your home in the event of potty training issues or being ill, etc.

If you favor trips to the park, there are portable netted Xpens that fold up similiar to a sling car and will provide safety for your pet and peace of mind for you at the same time!

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