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Where can I find out about rare breeds of dogs?

Find those Rare Breeds

To learn more about breeds you might consider for you or your family, buy an all-breed guide or encyclopedia. This will introduce you to some of the less well known breeds as well as the well known and popular ones. Look for characteristics in the breed's temperament, workability and care needs that you feel will match your interests and lifestyle.

Also check with an organization such at the American Kennel Club, which recognizes over 150 breeds of dogs.

Which dog books should I get?

Books to Start Off With

When deciding what dog books to purchase, it's helpful to first evaluate what your needs and interests are. If you're a beginning dog owner, then try basic training and behavior books. A dog training and behavior book will tell you how dogs communicate with each other, instruct you on teaching your dog basic commands and good manners, and tell you how you should interact with your new canine. It might also be helpful to obtain a book specific to the breed of dog that you have, as different breeds have different characteristics and needs. Another good resource would be a book that covers basic health information on your dog so that you can keep it healthy and strong.

If you're interested in involving your dog in competition or conformation, there are many books available on topics such as flyball, agility, and show dogs.

Are there dog books for kids?

Dog Books for Kids

There are dog books available for children, ranging from fictional stories that give children a sense of caring for a dog to more informational topics. There are also a few magazine publications geared specifically for young dog lovers. However, these titles are often not as prominently accessible as their adult geared counterparts. A good way to find books and publications specifically geared towards children, would be to contact your local bookseller and request them to do a search for you on the subject matter.

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