Best Age to Breed

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What is the earliest I can let my dog have puppies?

Best Age to Breed

If you are interested in breeding your dog, it is best to wait until she is physically and mentally mature before she has her first litter. Generally, a bitch may be ready between two and three years of age. This age varies with the breed of the dog. Toy dogs tend to be mature before larger breeds. Check with your breed club to find out the appropriate breeding age for your dog. Always make sure to screen both your dog, the dam, and the male dog, the sire, for any potential health problems.



3/17/2007 2:15:45 PM
sj said:


7/14/2007 6:09:11 PM
becky said:

what age is my male dog ready to breed at

12/6/2008 2:28:50 PM
S Elliott said:

I am thinking about breeding my border terrier bitch and found this information helpful, as I didn't know what the ideal age was. She is only 12 months now so I will wait a couple of years.


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