What's With the Biting?

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How do I teach a pup not to bite people?

What's With the Biting?

Biting, mouthing and nipping are natural behaviors to a puppy. She uses such behaviors to establish her place in the litter and to explore her world. To stop your young canine from nipping people, use a high-pitched, "Ouch!" and gently shake the ruff of her neck or use light pressure on the muzzle and firmly say, "No!"



12/21/2006 5:10:18 PM
Darko said:

This tip is ok,but what if there are no results?I have 3,5months old lab(male) and he bites the furniture even if i punish him.But the bigger problem is that he is biting my hands and legs constantly,sometimes with signs of agression.Sorry for my English grammar


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