Spaying and Neutering Reduces Roaming

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Why do dogs like to roam?

Spaying and Neutering Reduces Roaming

Some male dogs may have a tendency to roam to mark their territory around the neighborhood. Other dogs simply wander due to boredom. Spaying and neutering reduces the drive for dogs of both sexes to become wandering nuisances. Other benefits of spaying and neutering dogs include protective health benefits, reducing aggressiveness, eliminating unwanted pregnancies, and reducing the need to mark.



11/21/2007 12:32:01 PM
Karen said:

Not necessarily. Both my make dogs are fixed but they do love to take a tour of the neighborhood any chance they get. Sometimes its a gate left open by mistake or sometimes its rushing out the front door when someone comes to call. In any case, they always return home, eventually.


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