Handling Aggressive Loose Dogs

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How should I handle pushy loose dogs when walking mine?

Handling Aggressive Loose Dogs

You're walking your dog on a leash and you are approached for the third time this week by the same dog on the loose who's confrontational and growling. So what do you do?

[1] Understand your rights. Many communities have laws against dogs running loose or off leash outside their own property. Many laws also have vicious dog laws for dealing with dogs that attack and bite.

[2] Try the people-to-people solution first. Identify where the aggressive dog lives and talk with the owner. Most reasonable people will try to work with you on a solution if they are approached in a non-confrontational manner.

[3] Learn more about dog behavior and body language. Read about aggressiveness in dogs so you know when dogs are posturing and when they are signaling an intent to fight.

[4] Consider what you want to carry, just in case. Pepper spray or other spray such as vinegar and water in some type of sprayer with good distance can be effective in deterring an aggressive dog.



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