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Question 1

Which of these breeds was originally bred as a working retriever?

Giant Schnauzer
Standard Poodle
The standard poodle, as it is known today, originated in Germany as a water retrieving dog. Its thick, curly coat served to protect the dog from frigid water as well as to help it stay afloat.

Question 2

The Mexican Hairless, or Xoloitzcuintli, was commonly used by the ancient Aztecs as a?

Priest´s Guard
Bed Warmer
Poison Detector For Royalty
The smooth hairless body of the Xoloitzcuintli is reminiscent of a hot water bottle, and on chilly nights owners often made good use of that body heat to warm their own beds!

Question 3

Which dog´s unique white corded coat helps to protect it from weather and blend in with its flock?

Bouvier Des Flandres
The Komondor is a well established Hungarian breed used to guard sheep. Its dense corded coat requires diligent care and can take up to two years to fully develop.

Question 4

Which herding dog´s name often causes confusion over its country of origin?

Old English Sheepdog
Australian Kelpie
Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd
Contrary to its name, the Australian Shepherd was developed mainly in the United States, though its ancestry goes back to Spain and France. The Australian Shepherd´s intelligence, versatility, and trainability make it very desirable as a working dog (even beyond herding) as well as an excellent obedience competitor.

Question 5

Which dog is known for its yodel and is sometimes called the "Barkless Breed?"

Chinese Crested Dog
Clumber Spaniel
The Basenji is a dog of many unique qualities. In addition to its strange vocalizations, more like yodels or "chortles" than barks, the Basenji only comes into heat once a year (as opposed to the normal 2 times) and it enjoys vegetables added to its daily diet.

Question 6

The name "Bloodhound" refers to what?

Tracking a blood trail
Tracking a warm blooded animal
Blood lust
pure breeding
The name Bloodhound came from the expression "Blooded hound", meaning a dog of lineage or pure breeding. Bloodhounds are loyal and determined dogs who do not need a trail laid in blood to track their quarry.

Question 7

True or False? The Irish Wolfhound breed was nearly lost due to the extinction of the wolf in Ireland.

The loveable Irish Wolfhound, bred to hunt wolves, nearly sealed its own fate by being too good at its job when wolves became extinct in Ireland in the 1800s!

Question 8

In the case of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, what does "Tolling" Mean?

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has an interesting way of assisting its human hunting companion, it lures ducks in toward shore. Canadian hunters observed foxes splashing and making a scene along shorelines and noticed how this behavior enticed curious ducks. The NSDTR was bred to look similar to the fox and the flashy frolicking behavior at the waters edge, encouraged by the hunter, mimics that of the fox and gives the dog its name.

Question 9

Which of the following dogs were NOT bred to herd or drive cattle?

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Giant Schnauzer
Although the Giant Schnauzer and the Rottweiler are better known now for their ability as property and personal protection dogs, the Doberman is the only one who was originally bred as a guard dog and not for cattle driving/herding.

Question 10

Which breed was the first to win Best In Show at Westminster?

Collie (rough)
Standard Poodle
German Shepherd
Fox Terrier (smooth)
Although the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has been around since 1877, the very first Best in Show was awarded in 1907 to a Smooth Fox Terrier by the name of Ch. Warren Remedy. She went on to win BIS the next two years in a row, a record that still remains unbroken today!

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