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Question 1

The Akita is known as <br> a reindeer herding dog, right?

The Akita was originally a Japanese <br> hunting dog. The Samoyed was originally a <br> reindeer herding dog in Northwest Siberia.

Question 2

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever <br> is known as a coursing dog, right?

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a hunting <br> dog developed to bring birds to the hunter. <br> Sighthounds such as greyhounds and whippets <br> participate in coursing, a type of racing.

Question 3

Which of these breeds was <br> in the Nome Serum Run in 1925?

Canaan Dog
Cocker Spaniel
Siberian Husky
Famous musher Leonard Seppala and his team <br> of Siberian Huskies ran the longest leg of the <br> famous Serum Run that brought diphtheria serum <br> to Nome and staved off an epidemic. He and <br> his Siberians went on to race in New England, <br> increasing the sport´s popularity there.

Question 4

Which breed was used <br> for moose hunting in Europe?

French Poodle
Norwegian Elkhound
Irish Terrier
German Shepherd
Yes, it´s true. The large animal called a moose in <br> North America is called an elk in Europe. Thus, <br> the Norwegian Elkhound was actually used to <br> hunt moose and bear in its native land. This <br> courageous dog is also a devoted family pet.

Question 5

Which of these breeds is not <br> well known as a hunting dog?

Labrador Retriever
Cocker Spaniel
Siberian Husky
It´s true. The retrievers, spaniels and hounds <br> are all well known as hunting dogs. The Siberian <br> is best known as a sled dog. Nonetheless, in <br> Siberia, the native Chukchi did use their sled <br> dogs to help hunt for seals and polar bears.

Question 6

The border collie is known as a <br> sheep herding dog, right?

It certainly is! The border collie is a very smart <br> canine that herds sheep almost without <br> training, its instinct is so strong. It is also <br> very successful in obedience and agility.

Question 7

Which of these breeds would <br> likely compete in earth dog trials?

Shih Tzu
German Shorthaired Pointer
Chow Chow
Earth dog trials and den trials have been developed <br> to test the skills of terriers and dachshunds, breeds <br> that "went to ground" to catch critters such as <br> foxes or rats.

Question 8

Which of these breeds was recreated <br> from feral dogs in Israel?

Pharoh Hound
Canaan Dog
In the mid 20th century, when the government of <br> Israel sought a breed suited as a working dog in <br> the new nation, the Canaan Dog breed was created. <br> Feral dogs in Israel´s deserts were retamed to <br> become the basis of the breed. Some believe these <br> dogs are the descendents of the original sheep <br> herding dogs of the region.

Question 9

The Komondor is known as a guardian <br> for sheep and goats, right?

Yes, this Hungarian breed is one of a number of <br> large breeds that protected flocks of sheep and <br> other livestock from predators such as wolves <br> and bears.

Question 10

Which of these breeds has been used <br> to sniff out truffles, a rare edible fungus?

Believe it or not, the answer is poodle. This <br> wonderfully versatile breed has been a water dog, <br> a circus performer and, yes, a sniffer of the rare <br> truffles, a fungi gourmets love to eat. As well <br> as a much loved pet. While the bloodhound is <br> known for its nose, it was first used to track wild <br> deer or boar and later to track down humans <br> lost or escaped. Hope you enjoyed the BigBrain <br> quiz and will come back for another quiz in <br> the future!

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