Proactive Flea and Tick Control

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How can I prevent flea's and ticks in the first place?

Proactive Flea and Tick Control

Proactive flea and tick control begins with grooming your dog. You should brush your dog frequently to dislodge or remove fleas and ticks that are hitching a ride on your dog's fur coat.

Additionally, you can do a spot check of your dog's skin for any parasites that may have latched on. If your dog has a thick undercoat, you may want to consider having it clipped for the summer so you can more readily maintain your dog's skin and coat. If you find any unusual bumps on your dog's skin, you should get this checked out as it could be a tick, but it could also be something more serious.

Feel free to bathe your dog as frequently as you like but try to use unscented shampoos or those that use eucalyptus (another natural bug repellant). Finally, there are natural flea and tick repellants that you can feed your pet, like garlic and brewer's yeast.

*To give your dog quick relief from itching caused by flea bites, rub an 8-inch patch on the dog's back with cooking oil and then rub in some garlic powder.



9/7/2008 3:35:08 PM
JAYBEE said:

I thought garlic had no effect on fleas???


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