Why Flea and Tick Control is Important

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Why is flea and tick control important?

Why Flea and Tick Control is Important

Flea and tick control is not only important for your dog's overall health, and it is also important to you. Your dog, when not protected, is open to:
* Lyme disease (from deer tics)
* Skin bacterial infections (from flea bites and the concurrent side effects)
* Skin allergies (many dogs have skin allergies to flea waste
* Heart worm (which can be contracted from mosquitos)

Additionally, these parasites can make your home uncomfortable and pose a health risk to you and your family. Not only are the bites from fleas irritating, but you can contract Lyme disease from deer ticks that travel easily on your dog after a run in the woods.

Flea and tick control in your home requires regular cleaning and maintenance, and the same goes for your dog. Do your research on potential homeopathic and alternative treatments that will keep your home and your pet pest free.

* To remove a tick attached to your dog, use finely pointed tweezers and grasp the tick's head or mouth parts right near the dog's body. Pull steadily outward to remove. Don't grab or squeeze the tick's body as that can force disease-causing substances into the dog.



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