Training: Don't Force It

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Does positive reinforcement work better than physical force in dog training?

Training: Don't Force It

Physical force should never be used in dog training. The use of physical force may turn a normally mild-mannered pooch into a fearful or skittish dog who can become aggressive. Dogs can readily learn by other means - teach your dog how to behave by using positive and negative reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement involves rewarding your dog for desired behavior. If you are teaching your dog to stay and he does, so, give him praise or a treat.

Negative reinforcement, contrary to popular belief, is not akin to punishing a dog. For instance, you are teaching your dog to stay off the couch. Each time he goes on the couch, you blow a whistle. The dog, irritated by the whistle, develops a negative association with jumping on the couch. You've just taught your dog to stay off the couch by negative association.

Remember to always train your dog in a manner that reinforces trust and a positive bond between you and your canine.



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