Chew Toys to Occupy Time

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What is a good chewy dog toy?

Chew Toys to Occupy Time

Get a chew toy that can hold treats to keep your canine busy. There's a number on the market right now that come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, all geared toward making your pooch work a little to get a tasty snack.

Typically, made of a very tough rubber, these chew toys are hollow on the inside which allows you to stuff it with dog biscuits, peanut butter, or your dog's favorite treat. Because the hole to the inner chamber is so small, it can take your dog hours to extract all the goodies from within. While he's chewing and digging at it, the tough rubber construction prevents your dog from tearing the toy apart. The specially designed shape allows the toys to bounce erratically, eluding your dog, and keeping him interested.



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