Must Have Ingredients in Your Dog Supplement

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What ingredients should be in my dog nutritional supplements?

Must Have Ingredients in Your Dog Supplement

The goal of a canine multi-vitamin nutritional supplement is to give your dog optimal health so that he can live longer and healthier. Find a supplement that has a good blend of vitamins and minerals and includes the following:

• Glucosamine
• Manganese
• Calcium
• Antioxidants
• Ginseng
• Green Tea

Glucosamine, Manganese, and Calcium will help your dog maintain healthy bones and muscles, which are necessary for maintaining an active lifestyle. Ginseng and green tea help with brain function and alertness. Antioxidants help fight many diseases that can debilitate your dog and cause him to grow old more quickly.

There are a host of products that contain organic nutritional supplements designed to help your dog. Examine the ingredients carefully and identify which seem to make a difference in your dog's overall health and well being to identify the right supplement for your pet.



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