Supplements for Dog Anxiety

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What dog nutritional supplement will help with dog anxiety?

Supplements for Dog Anxiety

Dogs can suffer from anxiety for a number of reasons, from separation from their owners to thunderstorms to veterinary visits. To help your dog deal with anxiety, your vet may prescribe anti-anxiety medications, but you do have homeopathic options to consider. Some canine supplements are designed to help with anxiety, using herbal remedies.

Anxiety related stress in your dog can lead to other health problems if not treated. Nervous behaviors like compulsive scratching or chewing can cause skin problems. Destructive behavior like chewing shoes or other household items can lead to digestive emergencies for your dog.

Look for products that contain any of the following:

• Horsetail grass – helps to calm the nerves
• Lobelia herb – a powerful relaxant
• Skullcap root – contains a calming effect to reduce worry
• Wood betony herb – helps relax the muscles and nerves
• Chamomile – a calming enhancer



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