Choosing a Groomer

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How do I choose a groomer?

Choosing a Groomer

Time to find a groomer? To make sure that you're leaving your pet in good hands, here's a checklist to go by.

• Get a referral from someone you know. It always helps when a friend or family member can recommend a service that they're happy with to you. And don't hesitate to ask someone on the street if his dog looks great, who the groomer is.

• Get your groomer's background. Where did he learn his craft? How much experience does he have?

• Does the groomer keep records of pet information on file in case of emergency? Your dog's veterinarian, vaccination records, and any health problems should be something that the groomer can have handy.

• Check to make sure that the groomer has a clean facility.

• Can the groomer handle the styling needs of your pet?

• Are the groomer's prices competitive? Do his hours of business meet your needs?



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