Guide to Brushing Your Dog

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How should I brush my dog and what brush should I use?

Guide to Brushing Your Dog

Brushing provides benefits to your relationship between you and your dog (packs often groom each other) and gets your dog's coat shiny and clean. Here are some different types of dog brushes and ways that they should be used:

• For medium and long coated dogs, you can use a pin brush or a wire dog brush. Beware of putting too much pressure on your dog's skin while you are brushing. If you press too hard, you may scratch their skin and create a rash irritating your dog – this is not the purpose. You want to angle the brush near the skin and not against the skin. Brush down the dog from head to tail, with the grain of the coat hair. Note that the stomach, male genitals and back end area are sensitive to brushing.

• If you have a hound with a short, smooth coat, you don't need to use a wire brush. Rubber dog brushes are just the thing. They will remove any shedding hair and dirt as well as increase blood circulation to the skin and coat oils all over the dog.

• Remember to always brush your dog before you bathe them. Get the right tools and be careful to make it a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. Finally, enjoy grooming your pet and treat it as a wonderful bonding experience.



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