Your Dog's Skin

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How do I make sure my dog's skin is healthy?

Your Dog's Skin

Although your dog may be covered in fur, she may still have sensitive skin. Some canines develop skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, and rashes caused by skin allergies.

Skin problems can cause extreme itching, fur fall-out, and even painful skin sores unless treated. On a short haired dog, you can often spot these problems developing early whereas on a long haired dog, the problems may be hidden for some time.

If your pet seems to be scratching the same area a great deal, check her skin under her fur. Make sure you also check beneath her undercoat. If the problem appears to be caused by a poorly trimmed undercoat or fur matting, you can approach a professional groomer.

In the case of fur matting, don't bathe your dog right away and don't treat with a medicated dog shampoo if you canine has a longer coat and an undercoat. You may actually cause more harm than good because water will actually increase matting in an undercoat instead of cleaning it.

Additionally, you can experiment with diet, a main cause of skin problems. Check the nutritional labels of the food you are giving the dog, and try to transition her into a different diet or add a dog nutritional supplement.

Finally, you should approach your veterinarian if the problems persist.



3/9/2007 1:16:50 PM
Sharon said:

My husband thought bathing his border collie would help her itching problem but all it did was make her double layer coat matt together causing patches of skin where no air could get to her skin and she ended up with sores that could not did not heal until the hair was cut away and the skin treated.


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