Commercial Dog Foods

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What are the pros and cons of commercial dog food?

Commercial Dog Foods

There is a wide range of commercial dog food on the market today; this ranges from bags of dry kibble, to semi-moist food, to canned dog food.

The main advantage of dry commercial dog food is convenience and cost. Dry kibble can also help with reducing tartar and plaque build-up on your dog's teeth.

Semi-moist food is easy to store and does not need to be refrigerated. However, they tend to also have a high sugar content, which can make it easy for your dog to overeat.

Canned dry food is tends to be more expensive and does need refrigeration after opening. There is a higher water content in canned foods which may necessitate more frequent urination in dogs.

If you decide to feed your dog commercial dog food, look for the highest quality dog food you can afford, which contains the most amounts of healthy, digestible food products from the four food groups as well as the least amount of unnatural preservatives.



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