Raw Dog Food

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What is a raw dog food diet?

Raw Dog Food

Some dog owners believe in feeding their canines a raw food diet. This can include a number of different meats as well as a mixture of foods from the other food groups.

One popular method of feeding your dog on a raw diet is referred to as the BARF diet, known to some as "bones and raw food". Others refer to the same acronym as "biologically appropriate food". This diet was developed by an Australian veterinarian named Ian Billinghurst.

The diet consists of not only meat, but foods from the other food groups as well. Some of the edibles on the list include raw meaty bones from chicken or lamb, raw eggs, raw vegetables, and cooked cereals, yogurt, and supplements.

The BARF diet is based on the belief that dogs should be fed foods that they were meant to eat based on the process of evolution. Feeding your canine raw foods remains a hotly debated topic as to its benefits and drawbacks.



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