You Are What You Eat

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What are the basics of choosing a good dog food?

You Are What You Eat

A dog needs a diet with a wide variety of nutrients to keep her healthy. These include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins, and minerals.

A good way to select the appropriate dog food for your canine is to read the food label. Look for dog foods that have a high amount of meats and use only whole grains and vegetables. Generally, meat, fish, or poultry and grains and soybean meal should be at the top of the food ingredient list on the packaging. Avoid dog foods that carry a high level of meat by-products, unidentified fatty sources, and artificial flavors and preservatives.

Giving your dog the best diet you can manage and afford is worth it. She'll reap the benefits of a shinier coat and better resistance to diseases and other health problems.



7/18/2007 5:41:20 AM
Cyndi said:

To whomever wrote all this, please stop it and do some research. You have posted a lot of things that are actually harmful to your dogs.

Please write me at and let me show you how to feed and take care of your dogs.

I'm so worried someone will actually read what you wrote and cause harm to their pets.

Feeding cooked chicken thighs? Veggies? Soy? And all the chemicals you tell people to expose their dogs to?

I could be here all day pointing out bad and sometimes seriously harmful things you've posted on this site. Please do something before an animal is injured.


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