Organic Dog Food

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Why is organic dog food good for your dog?

Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food is all natural and is free of preservatives, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. Since organic dog food is made to adhere to a certain level of standard, beginning with the meat and vegetables that go into the food, they are often healthier for your pet to consume.

When a dog food is certified organic, it is held to a very high level of scrutiny when it comes to handling, livestock standards, and crop standards:
• Organically produced foods are handled and packaged separately from non-organics.
• Organic livestock receive 100% organic feed, and are prohibited from receiving any antibiotics or hormones.
• Organic crops are managed the old fashioned way: crop rotation, natural fertilizers, etc.

All of these practices must also be documented and backed up with detailed record keeping. Only then can a dog food be "Certified 100% Organic.".



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