Dog Beds - A Space of His Own

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Does my dog need an oversized dog bed?

Dog Beds - A Space of His Own

If your dog is the resident couch hog, then consider getting him a space of his very own. There are a wide variety of beds available from warm and fuzzy nest balls, to canine sized mattresses, to furniture inspired replicas of beds and sofas. Giving your pooch his own personalized space will give him a comfortable retreat and let him know where he can spend his time sleeping and lounging. Look for covers that can be zipped off and thrown in the washer. If you have a persistant leg lifter, look for hammocks that can sit up and off the floor or ground and easily washed. Check the contents of the internal fillers for some dogs are allergic to cedar chips or if they chew a hole in it, the filler can be toxic to their systems.



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