Dog Beds For Kennels and Crates

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How can I make my dog's crate or kennel more comfortable?

Dog Beds For Kennels and Crates

Just because your dog sleeps in his crate doesn't mean he can't be comfortable. You can add an orthopedic bed, foam pad, or fleece pad to make his area soft and cozy. These crate inserts come in the waterproof and machine washable variety so that you can keep your pooch's area clean as well. Another added feature to some beds is a layer of air as a cushion - great for your older dogs with arthritic knees and joints. For the smaller breeds that get cold easier, add in or purchase a bed with self-generating heat. Always make sure the length of the dog bed is as long as your pooch is from head to base of tail - if they can't stretch out it in when they want to, they'll seldom use it once you've bought it!



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