Solutions to Dog Anxiety

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What are some dog anxiety solutions?

Solutions to Dog Anxiety

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, there are ways to alleviate the problem.

1. Desensitize your dog. You can help your dog get accustomed to your leaving home by doing so often. Start by leaving for only a few minutes and then gradually increase the time you're gone.

2. Give him an activity. Dogs need to have a reasonable level of stimulation in the home. You can keep him busy by giving him toys or a compatible canine playmate.

3. Try doggy daycare. The companionship with other dogs and people during the day during your absence will give your canine a social outlet.

4. Consider medication. Drugs are available to help relieve psychological problems in dogs too. See a veterinarian if this is an option you wish to use to help your dog's separation anxiety.



2/18/2008 7:14:46 PM
Paola said:

We have 5 year old shih tzu (female),& since we got married 1 year ago she started been destructive every time we left the house. We got her a friend (6 months male shih tzu) but the problem it's still there and we don't know what to do!. we need help really bad and any suggestions are welcome.

Desperate owner!


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