Dog Separation Anxiety

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What is dog seperation anxiety?

Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog separation anxiety occurs when a dog who is left alone exhibits extreme signs of distress. This condition is most common to dogs who have been shuffled from home to home. A dog suffering from separation anxiety may become panicked and try to escape to reach his owner. He may develop diarrhea or urinate in the house. He may also bark and whine due to his owner's absence.



7/6/2008 8:53:23 AM
Blossom the rescue said:

We adopted a dog from a shelter last week. She has become my shadow. My husband and I just felt she had been through a lot and just needed the extra security. Now its a problem. She wants no one but me, I can't even go into another room without her panicking. I can't go outside to check the mail nothing. The other day I was upstairs, she had come up uninvited. I didn't make a big deal about I just motioned it was time to go back down stairs with me and she froze. I calmly said "come on" she got up and fell back down. It looked like she was having a seizure. Everytime she got up her leg looked hurt and she shaked and her eyes where glazed looking. I called my husband up. I had her walk for me...she was fine! I had never seen anything like that. Did she actually have a mental moment of fear or was it a ploy?


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