Research, Research, and Research

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What should I do before I buy a dog?

Research, Research, and Research

If you're looking to get a dog, you're not just making a purchase, you're making an addition to the family. It is helpful to assess your needs and the needs of your family and lifestyle before you take the plunge. Think about whether you want an active, outdoor dog or an indoor companion. Do you have time for grooming or very little at all? Are you an experienced dog owner or do you need a dog that is easily trainable?

Also look at your living situation. Do you have room for a dog to roam in the backyard or do you have tight living quarters? Next, you're ready to start looking at breeds of dogs. Find out what their temperament is and what type of care they need. Talk to breeders and take a look at the dogs that you're interested in. Attending dog shows, obedience trials, and canine competitive sports is one way of doing this.

The best advanced research will render the best final outcome in your decision!



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