The Shedding Factor

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Which dogs shed?

The Shedding Factor

While some dogs appear to shed more than others, all dogs do shed - even those marketed as 'hypo-allergenic.' Some dog breeds have a faster rate of hair replacement and growth --- and accordingly, tend to shed more.

Environment, heredity, and nutrition all play a factor in how much dogs shed. The amount of time that a dog spends in the sunlight and extreme temperature changes affect shedding. Dogs who spend a great deal of time outdoors may shed during seasonal changes to prepare for warmer weather. The amount that a dog sheds may change as he becomes older or sick. And a female dog tends to shed more after she has been in heat.

Regular brushing helps keep shedding to a minimum. If your dog is shedding due to stress, see what you can do to make his day-to-day life more relaxed and structured. If you are looking for a low shed breed, try the Poodle or a dog from the sight hound group, such as a Greyhound or Saluki. Remember that a dog's coat needs attention, whether they are shedders or not and many breeds require grooming (professional or maintenance by the owner at home).



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