What's all the Whining About?

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My puppy whines incessantly. Why doe he do this?

What's all the Whining About?

Whining is a behavior often exhibited by puppies. If your young canine is whining, he's signaling a need. This could be anything from, "I'm lonely" to "I need to go out for a potty break." As puppies mature and become dogs, they may continue to whine. Dogs are quick learners as to what will get your attention and if whining does, they will continue to do so. One way to curb the whining is by offering your puppy plenty of attention, playtime, and affection. Make sure you are addressing his needs. If he has difficulties with being left alone, get him adjusted gradually. Put him in his crate alone for short periods and then gradually lengthen the amount of time that he spends alone.



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