Chewing: Take care of it now

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Chewing: Take care of it now

If you have a chewer, you need to remember that with puppy training, it's all about rewards, not punishments. That's going to be hard when you come home to find your new leather jacket or favorite shoe gone. Here some tips for dealing with puppy trainnig for chewers:

* GET SOME CHEW TOYS: Buy lots of solid rubber chew toys and make sure they are always available. Praise your dog for using the chew toys. And if you come home to find a that nice leather shoe in your dog's mouth, replace it with a favorite chew toy. Don't punish the dog; he won't understand. Instead, try to make the dog see that you'll play with him and the chew toys.

* Chew-proof your house: Keep nice leather items out of the dog's reach. Make rooms with fine furniture off limits.



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