Puppy Tug-O-Leash

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My dog tugs on her leash. What can I do?

Puppy Tug-O-Leash

If you've got a puppy who's tugging at the leash, you can train her to stop. Say you're going for a walk and she does her best "puppy forward plow". Simply stop in your tracks and wait. Once she's loosened the leash, you can move forward. You'll probably play a game of stop and go several times over, but be patient and consistent. She'll soon get the idea that if she wants to go anywhere at all, she'll have to stop tugging.



9/29/2007 9:42:33 PM
Dia said:

I think if you stop he/she will stop too,If you run he's going to run,if you walk he's going to walk.Mostly the same thing you said.Oh and I'm only 10 and I know these things.Bye for now!!!!!


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