Boots made for walkin' your dog

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Boots made for walkin' your dog

Walking your dog in the winter is fun and healthy for pet and owner -- but not if your dog's toes and pads get cold and injured by ice, snow, even salt from the streets. Dog boots can help. Just as boots protect people with warmth and durability, dog boots can do the same. Outfit your dog with dog boots that come in a variety of styles. Some dog boots look like mini-golashes, and come complete with adjustable buckles for custom fit.

Dog boots come in a range of sizes and styles, too. There are dog boots for small Pugs to giant Pyrenees. Finding the right dog boots for your pet depends on size, style and the type of terrain your dog most often travels on: snow, sand, grass, dirt, burrs or cactus. There is a dog boot for every season and need. Some types of dog boots also aid pets with sensitive paws. There are dog boots for paws healing from cuts and bruises.

Most dogs will not enjoy wearing boots initially - especially if they are older than puppies. If you intend to use this for your dog, start them out early as puppies. If you have an older dog that now needs to wear them, start out with very small spaces of time (1-2 minutes) and then take them off, rewarding the dog with treats and praise. As your dog's comfort level increases, you can increase the time span.

A word of caution about dog boots and shoes - many dogs sweat through their foot pads and if your dog has on a sweater and boots, pay close attention to the amount of panting he is doing for the boots are cutting off his means of cooling himself down.



3/7/2007 4:27:02 PM
robin yi said:

that is so cute. i hope i can get one of the boots. they sound so cute.


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