Doggone it, those are some doggles!

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Doggone it, those are some doggles!

Doggles are not only for the pamped pooch. Dogs that have eye surgery or a disease that causes blindness or other eye disabilities can benefit from Doggles. Doggles are sunglasses that protect your pet from the harsh glare. If no accessory is too good for your favorite pooch, try doggles. These are not just for glam dogs. Doggles work for dogs with sensitive eyes or blind dogs, protecting their eyes from walking into objects at eye level.

Doggles are for pooches who spend a lot of time in the sun or snow as well. If the glare is too harsh on your eyes, your dog needs sunglasses, too. The best doggles block 100 percent of UV light and are made of shatterproof plastic. There are doggles that wraparound, to keep out stray light or foreign objects. Most doggles have adjustable straps that hold the glasses securely on the dog's head. Doggles can fit small, medium or large dogs and doggles with multi-colored lenses are available. Doggles are affordable. There are doggles available online for as low as $20 a pair.



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