Gear up with the right equipment

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Gear up with the right equipment

The specific gear you need is going to depend on your dog and your overall dog grooming plans, but here are some basics:

* Brushes: Use oval pin brushes, or slicker brushes for long-haired dogs. Check the brushes my running them down your own arms. If they irritate you, that means the bristles are too hard. Look for something softer.

* Combs: You use a standard dog comb for short-haired breeds, but longer-haired breeds and those who tend toward tangles and snarls are going to need to look at dog rakes, which can help clean out undercoats on shedding breeds, like Golden Retrievers.

* Nail Clippers: Nail clippers come in sizes for small and large dogs. Styptic powder will help stem bleeding if you cut too close.

* Shampoos: Dog shampoos come in dozens of different brands, including Best Shot, Espree and Chris Christiensen.



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