Clothes encounters for your pet

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Clothes encounters for your pet

Some people refuse to wear coats and hats, even in the winter. Others sacrifice warmth for fashion. Whatever you decide for your dog when buying dog clothes or a dog coat, be practical. Make sure your dog clothes are appropriate for the dog. Put common sense before fashion sense. With new styles of dog clothes and dog coats, chances are you will find styles that please you and keep your dog warm and dry as well. When shopping for dog clothes, consider your pet's size and fur coat. Big dogs with lots of fur need different dog clothes and dog coats for protection from the elements than little dogs or hairless dogs. Some dogs probably shouldn't go out in very cold or wet weather, no matter how you clothe them. Remember the rule of thumb: Look at how you are dressed and see if the dog needs the same level of protection.



5/20/2015 3:45:29 AM
Mark Ojuok said:

The key is whatever you decide to have your dog put on, make sure he/she is comfortable


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