Poisonous Plants

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What plants are poisonous for dogs?

Poisonous Plants

There are hundreds of plants that can be toxic to your canine. However, almost any plant can leave your pooch feeling ill if he ingests enough of it. Dogs can exhibit symptoms from excessive drooling to vomiting to a state of coma. Some plants to keep away from your canine include begonias, holly, mistletoe, and snapdragons.



6/22/2007 6:17:24 AM
Sian O'Neill said:

My Saluki dog started to drool excessively and the vet does not seem to be able to find the cause which is worrying me greatly. sometimes he is quite slow.. totally against his breed. He does tend to chew at the leaves of plants in my garden and I wonder if this could be the cause, although he is four and has always done this. He has only drooled for ten months on and off. Can anyone help?


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