The Right Dog Food

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What do I need to know when choosing a food for my dog?

The Right Dog Food

Deciding which type of dog food is right for your dog is not easy. There are many different kinds of dog food available on the market today, and ingredients and terminology can get confusing. Some dog lovers like to start out with a quality dog food in a kibble variety. There are puppy formulas as well as those for large breeds and older dogs. One can also find weight control foods and certain kinds of "wellness dog food" designed for dogs with allergies or other health issues.

Some people prefer to feed their dogs canned dog food, or they like to mix it in with kibble. This can be a good choice as well as most dogs seem to really like the taste. There are many dog food brands that offer both dry and canned food, so the selection is plentiful. Quality dog food can be found in either form.

These days there has been a trend toward all natural dog food and premium dog food. These foods are typically made with higher-quality ingredients and/or more natural foods. To find out more about them, compare dog food ingredient labels at your local PETCO. Learning more about what's available can help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right food for your dog.



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