Finding the Right Dog Crate

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What are some things to consider when purchasing dog crates, kennels and carriers?

Finding the Right Dog Crate

Crates for dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. There are those designed to be taken on a plane and those used as a kennel at home. Dog crates and carriers help in transporting your pet to and from the veterinarian, keeping the animal safely confined in the car on the trip.

When looking to purchase a dog crate it may help to think about what its purpose will be. If you have a small dog, a portable dog carrier may be all that is required to comfortably transport the animal. A collapsible dog kennel is great for travel.

Most dog crates for sale these days include locks and doors to help secure the animal while it is by himself. This is useful for potty training and as a "time out" for dogs that need a break from stimuli. Dog crates and kennels can be made more comfortable by using absorbent pads designed to go in the bottom of the container. A well-chosen toy or two will help the dog feel at home in his crate.

Make sure to observe safety measures when putting your dog into the crate. Collars, leashes and certain dog toys can get tangled and become a safety hazard.



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