Obedience Training for Dogs

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Should I get some type of obedience training for my dog?

Obedience Training for Dogs

Should all dogs have some kind of basic obedience training? Yes. Although there is no law that requires it, dog behavior training is beneficial for both the animal and their owner. Obedience training for dogs has maintained its popularity over the years because it is effective. Having a dog that knows some commands is also enjoyable.

Something that many people don't consider when it comes to dog obedience commands is that they have the potential to save the animal from harm. If the dog knows the "sit" command, he is more likely to listen to you instead of dashing out into traffic. The "drop" or "leave it" command can mean that the owner is able to get a dangerous object out of the dog's mouth. Dog obedience problems can actually cause accidents or injury.

Obedience training for dogs comes in different formats. There are inexpensive classes offered at pet stores such as PETCO and in park districts. Many veterinarians can recommend a good class or trainer. There are also dog trainers that will work one-on-one with people and their dogs. Any of these are a good place to start when it comes to learning dog obedience training tips.



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