Dog Toys

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What are some things to consider when buying dog toys?

Dog Toys

Buying dog toys is fun. A good guideline for purchasing these toys is to match them in size and type to your pet. Large dogs may require more durable dog toys than smaller ones. Tough dog toys made of rubber or other long-lasting materials are a good option. Those that enjoy playing fetch will appreciate a ball or even a furry dog toy they can retrieve. Certain breeds may like to chew, while others may be content to carry stuffed dog toys around in their mouth. Every dog is a little different in terms of which toy he prefers.

Stock your home with plenty of dog toys. Dog chew toys help get puppies through teething and give other dogs something to do besides chewing on your slippers when they have the urge to gnaw. Plush dog toys are great for interactive play and many come equipped with a squeaker inside for additional fun. There are also unique dog toys designed to hold food or treats. These help challenge the dog by giving him a task to complete.

Because small dog toys can be lost easily, it helps to designate a toy basket where they can be kept when not in use.



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