Jobs For Dogs

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What are some of the jobs that are available for dogs these days?

Jobs For Dogs

There are many dog jobs out there these days. From starring in ads for large dog houses to helping people who are ill, there are plenty of opportunities to find employment for a pet.

Working dog jobs include a few farm jobs. Certain breeds are known for their ability to help out with farm animals, such as the Border Collie. Others dogs are known for their protective instincts, such as the Doberman. These dogs may hold positions guarding both people and property. There are also dogs that work on bomb squads and some that serve in the military. Guide dogs are another type of working dog, and they assist people with a disability.

The jobs that dogs do are sometimes dictated by their breed, but this is not always the case. Although small breeds are a bit easier to manage in terms of therapy work, larger breeds are also doing these types of dog jobs these days. More skill-specific tasks, like tracking, require specially bred and trained dogs.



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