Avoid Clipper Irritation

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What should I do if my dog experiences clipper irritation?

Avoid Clipper Irritation

Clipper irritation, sometimes referred by its less desirable name, clipper burn, occurs when your dog's hair is shaved close and a skin irritation occurs. Clipper irritation typically happens with dogs that have sensitive skin. Don't let your pooch scratch and create an infected area.

You can try applying baby powder, benadryl cream, or emu oil to help relieve the itching. It is also helpful to mention to the groomer on your next visit that your dog is sensitive so they can compensate by leaving the hair a bit longer.



7/23/2009 3:23:28 PM
Nancy said:

Linda, I am a groomer for 40 years. I shaved a maltese with a 3f blade. 10 days later, the owner took the dog to the vet for a circular burn on its chest. the vet said clipper burn. I say impossible. What do you say? The dog owner is suing me.


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