Settling In

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How can I help a new puppy settle in to a new home?

Settling In

You're about to pick up your new puppy and bring her home. But suddenly you realize you're not sure what to do to help her settle in. Here's a few thoughts to make the transition easier for you and your new dog:

• Keep things mellow during the first few days that your new puppy is home to give her time to adjust.

• Show her where to eliminate upon your arrival and then let her explore her new home after her potty break.

• Work out a routine appropriate to your puppy's age. Meal times, frequent potty breaks, and playtime will let your puppy know what to expect.

• Make sure that she has plenty of chew toys to keep her busy gnawing at the appropriate things.

• Try crating her near you the first few nights so that she is not isolated. Place a stuffed toy or towel near her to remind her of her littermates. The first night may be the most difficult for your new dog.



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