Agility is a Popular Canine Activity

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What activities can I enjoy with my dog?

Agility is a Popular Canine Activity

Canine agility has become one of the most popular dog sports around. It requires an excellent bond between trainer and dog. The trainer must guide the dog to do the course exactly right during a timed exercise. Agility gives the dogs plenty of great exercise as they jump over the bars and climb the ramps (and dog trainers get lots of exercise running the course as well!). Trainers encourage the canines through cloth tunnels, through weave poles, and other exercises that must be completed in correct order and in the precise fashion. The sport is open to dogs of varied sizes as the equipment can be adjusted -- even the Chihuahua can excell at agility! Clubs offer opportunities for training and for competition. If you are seeking a new activity for you and your dog, consider agility!



3/7/2007 4:25:41 PM
robin yi said:

i love this tip. Thanks for sharing it with me. i hope my dog learns this trick.


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